Using Marketing Data Science to Create Customer Value

February 4, 2022


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No agency or brand involved in digital marketing today is lacking for marketing data. What marketers and advertisers lack are cohesive narratives which thread disparate data points together so they can build reliable strategies –and more importantly– produce results so  clients invest in the next campaign. Enter marketing data science. 


In this episode of NinjaCat’s podcast, What Gets Measured, we interview researcher and marketing data science practitioner Brandon Shockley about ways agencies can make the most of marketing data science within their organization and for their clients. 

In a world of brand advocates, Brandon is a people advocate. With a decade of experience in data science, Brandon has worked as a strategist, market researcher, adjunct professor, and now as VP of market research at the global ad agency 160over90, Brandon is putting his wide-ranging data science skill set to use for clients and agency alike.


With experience in qualitative market research, Brandon came into marketing data science through practical application, which was energized by the work from Ehernberg-Bass Institute, particularly Prof. Byron Sharp’s “How Brands Grow.”

“I started to notice trends while working in qualitative; a pivot to more rigorous use of data,” says Brandon. “The flags were there–that not being able to use and interpret large amounts of marketing data was going to be an issue with the career.”

Shockley has come to view marketing data science as a tool to improve people and processes, not just to analyze and optimize data sets.

“Data takes time and diligence,” says Shockley. “What is the intended function of the data? Data builds the skillsets of the participants and makes the campaigns better in turn. The whole measurement process should be about making the people smarter, not the data better.”

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Here is a round-up of links, authors, and sources mentioned during the episode:

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