A Scalable Client Reporting Solution

NinjaCat is a reporting and data storytelling platform that scales with enterprise media and publishing companies. We enable you to connect all your marketing data sources, including O&O properties, into a single place and build stunning roll-up reports that can be rolled-out with ease. All while eliminating the manual data wrangling and management, helping you strengthen client relationships.

Reduce Time Spent Pulling Reports

Reduce Time Spent
Pulling Reports

Empower Your Team

Turn Your Insights into
Proven ROI

Gain Performance

Retain and Grow Your Customer Base

Simplified Data Aggregation

Connect, aggregate, and organize all your data in one secure location. Via native API integration or custom smart connector, NinjaCat seamlessly integrates all your campaign data, eliminating the need for exhaustive, manual data mining. You’ll have full access to your data for analysis and more time on your side.

NinjaCat Custom Dashboards
NinjaCat Custom Dashboards

Multichannel Roll-Up Reporting

Avoid reporting on channels in silos by utilizing roll-up reports. Blend your data with global metrics and custom calculations and gain a holistic view of overall performance. Or analyze impact across independent tactics by applying custom filters. With full access to the data in one report, you’ll be able to analyze and share performance at any level of granularity.

Focused Retention & Growth

Build stronger client relationships with scalable workflows. Flexible & fully automated report templates and dashboards eliminate the need for manual data mining and report building, resulting in time better allocated towards campaign analysis and optimizations. Driven by the data, marketing and analytics teams can sharpen their focus on ROI, growth opportunities and, ultimately, client retention.

NinjaCat Custom Dashboards

Trusted by Agencies, Media Companies & Brands

The technology allows us to scale so that we can focus our resources on reviewing and analyzing reporting. Their global filters and metrics feature is something unique to the marketing space, and has allowed us to better automate reporting.

Drew S, Digital Marketing Manager