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Margins Now Available in NinjaCat Shinobi

Big news with Shinobi. Now you can set margins at 3 different levels in NinjaCat. Agency Reporting has never been better!

Product News
October 4, 2017
Margins Now Available in NinjaCat Shinobi
Big news with Shinobi. Now you can set margins at 3 different levels in NinjaCat. Agency Reporting has never been better!
Product News
August 28, 2017
New Integrations, Comparison Tables, Multi-Dimension Charts + More!
Some great changes were added to NinjaCat recently. Plenty of new integrations to check out.
Product News
August 30, 2017
NinjaCat Vs. TapClicks
Looking for a better reporting solution than TapClicks? Here is why you should consider switching to NinjaCat.
Product News
June 9, 2017
NinjaCat Shinobi Template Editor Is Here!
NinjaCat continues to wow with the new Shinobi release. Released today the new template builder is a powerful new addition to the NinjaCat platform.
Tips & Tricks
May 11, 2017
Why Does The Agency-Client Relationship Fail?
Why does the agency-client relationship fail? We explore several reasons and solutions as to why it may begin to erode.
Upcoming NinjaCat UI Changes
Find out what has changed with the new NinjaCat Shinobi release.
June 8, 2017
Google Introduces Similar Audiences For Search, Shopping In AdWords
Google introduces Similar Audiences For Search, Shopping In AdWords
Client Reporting
May 4, 2017
4 Reasons Why Client Reporting Is Important
4 reasons why client reporting is something that deserves your attention.
NinjaCat Releases New Version of Platform: Shinobi
NinjaCat showcases the new UI update code named Shinobi and stuns HeroConf 2017
NinjaCat Showcases Shinobi at HeroConf 2017
NinjaCat spent some time at HeroConf showing off our new release, Shinobi. See who else stopped by our booth to check out NinjaCat.
Why NinjaCat Marketing Reports Are Important To Your Business Success
Have you ever asked yourself why reports are important to growing a business?
Hanapin and NinjaCat Giving Away Free Ticket to HeroConf 2017
Want free tix to heroconf 2017, or an Amazon Echo, maybe NinjaCat socks or a FREE subscription to NinjaCat? Register here:
NinjaCat Voted “Top Rated Business Intelligence Software For Small Business.”
NinjaCat was awarded the honor of becoming “Top Rated Business Intelligence (BI) Software for Small Business” and we are also ranked in the “Top 10 Business Intelligence Software for Mid Market.”
Product News
February 21, 2017
Announcing New NinjaCat Support Portal
NinjaCat is always listening to our customers and clients on how we could make our platform better.
Product News
February 14, 2017
What Do Marketing Agencies Really Think About NinjaCat?
Recently we here at NinjaCat have been working hard on new features to help you deliver stunning reports to your clients and to automate your reporting process.
January 25, 2017
What To Look Forward To For SEM in 2017
A new year means new trends and more learning opportunities to increase your business’s reach and effectiveness.
Setting Up Your NinjaTrack Analytics Event Tracking
In order to get your NinjaTrack phone conversions feeding through Analytics, there are 3 simple steps to follow...
Monitoring Client Budgets with the Dashboard
The Dashboard tab of your NinjaCat account allows you to...
New Template Customization Features
‍We are excited to announce, new template customization features in...
Google Search Console
Organic keyword ranking is here!
December 6, 2016
Reporting on SEO? You will want to hear this!
We are excited to announce the Executive Summary widget...
YouTube / Video Campaigns
You can now report on YouTube/Video campaigns...
New Template Builder
If you're a template builder - you're going to want to read this...
How To Use Tags
Tags allow you to organize clients in the dashboard view into groups...
Reporting on Multiple Analytics Profiles in One PDF
This can be helpful when reporting for a client who owns...
Google Sheets Integration
Ninjacat has a very strong integration with google sheets. Data that you can get into a Google Sheet...
Product Release: New Yahoo Gemini Integration
NinjaCat has expanded it’s PPC reporting capabilities with the latest addition of Yahoo Gemini to our PPC reporting family of network integrations...
Product Release: New DoubleClick Integration
NinjaCat’s DoubleClick integration allows you to report on your DoubleClick display ads and other DSP information via beautiful tables and graphs.
Product Release: New Call Tracking Platform
If you haven't implemented call tracking - chances are you're missing out on getting credit for up to 70% of your clients' leads...
Product Release: Reporting on Facebook Conversions
Give your Facebook Reporting a Face Lift with...
June 8, 2016
PPC Reporting: Best Practices
PPC reporting is a great opportunity to show the fruits of your labor and how they are effecting the overall marketing strategy for your...

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