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A TV and Radio Advertising Attribution Report connects traditional media buys to digital performance metrics to help illustrate the holistic impact of your integrated marketing campaign. Track how TV and radio spots perform on certain stations, and combine that with online engagement metrics like website conversions or visits to a landing page. This attribution report can help marketers prove value and effectiveness, unlock insights, and deliver optimized campaigns.

Why Does a TV and Radio Advertising Attribution Report Matter?

Compared to newer digital channels, tracking advertising attribution through traditional media, like TV and radio, can be a bit more complicated. An integrated marketing plan will often include both traditional and digital media, which means tracking cross-channel attribution should be baked into your performance reporting. Engineer your report to link ad performance to website traffic, providing a trackable view of lift from offline to online tactics.

Marketers are spending dollars on traditional media but can’t easily tie back the impact of that ad spend to bottom line results. Our TV and Radio Advertising Attribution Report allows marketers to unite performance analytics from both offline and online sources to generate a report which illustrates the effectiveness of all your ad campaigns in a single presentation. When building a cross-channel attribution report for any advertising campaign, it’s important that all the performance data you gather, from all platforms, is up to date and transferable. Whether your broadcast media performance data is on Wide Orbit or any other platform, it’s critical that you can pull in analytics data from all sources to apply to your attribution report or dashboard.

What’s unique about our TV and Radio Advertising Attribution Report Template is that we’ve carved out a space for you to input your traditional advertising data and combine it with Google Analytics, which can show the effectiveness of your traditional ads in driving online traffic.

How to Build a TV and Radio Advertising Attribution Report

Front and center in your TV and Radio advertising attribution report, you should include an executive summary, outlining a few high level campaign metrics along with a few explanatory insights tying the report back to stated business goals.  

Next, show a cross-channel attribution overview, detailing traffic allocation by channel for the entire time period. Follow this up with a breakdown of the specific mass media outlets that drove traffic, itemizing the particular TV or radio stations that comprise the sum of all the media buys within the campaign. 

Moving along, an effective TV and Radio advertising report will detail the daily performance, best visualized as a trend over time in a graph and breaking out the attributed sessions and linking them with the broadcast networks or shows that generated sessions. Your TV and Radio advertising attribution report should include a consolidated look-back at conversion details for commercials ran, overlaying them with an analysis of attributed website traffic performance. When you can track and report on the correlation between broadcast TV and radio attributed website traffic over the daily spot count, you’re equipped to deliver a report that is easy to understand, and easy to build strategy from.

Another slide that should be included in your TV and Radio advertising attribution report is a detailed breakdown of the dayparts in which you ran your ads, and a performance analysis of those segments. Whether it’s Early Morning or Overnight, if you can illustrate which dayparts are driving the most traffic, you’ll be able to derive strategic insights and use this to optimize your next campaign.

Finish up your TV and Radio advertising attribution report with annotations and tactical insights that include all of the analytics covered, detailing actionable steps for your next campaign. A solid traditional advertising attribution report template allows you to organize and review the success of campaign tactics, media buys, and traffic to consolidate all your marketing data sources in a single report which provides your team with a holistic view of your efforts and outcomes. For more, check out our blog post, Amplifying Returns on Marketing Attribution.

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Use This Template