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Step Inside the Data Drama: Unveiling NinjaCat's 'Big Data Day' Musical

October 31, 2023
March 11, 2024
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Ever felt like the daily grind at your agency could be its own drama series? Well, you're not alone. We're excited to introduce "Big Data Day," a one-of-a-kind musical that tackles the complex world of marketing data management in a way you've never heard before. Brought to you by NinjaCat, this audio drama is designed to infuse a little entertainment into your data-filled day while addressing the challenges you face head-on.

We get it—every day is a Big Data day when you're working in digital marketing or data analysis. The term itself isn't new, but the challenges are ever-evolving. From data security to scalability, managing large data sets has never been more critical. That's why we created "Big Data Day," an audio drama/musical that personifies these challenges and offers some food for thought.

Meet the Characters

"Big Data Day" features characters you'll recognize from your own workplace:

Audrey, Head of Analytics - A tenacious tackler of tech problems, frustrated with the agency's data management capabilities but keen on gathering information and finding solutions.

Hal, The CEO - The eponymous owner of the agency that is feeling pressure to expand the client roster while making sure he’s delivering value and efficiency to current clients.

Lucas & Olivia, The Data Team - Dedicated staff that tirelessly manages a growing list of data integrations and reporting demands from the account team. 

Chris, The CTO - a natural problem-solver but increasingly concerned about data scale, line items, and security.

Heather, Head of Client Relations - A legacy ad employee that remembers a time before “big data” and is wary of implementing any technical solutions that can’t scale or might alienate clients.

Their struggles, decisions, and triumphs form the core of our drama, offering a mirror to your own challenges and victories in the field.

"Big Data Day" is more than an audio drama; it's a rallying cry for everyone grappling with the complexities of data management. We hope you'll find it both entertaining and enlightening. So go ahead, press play and let us bring a bit of drama— the good kind—into your data-driven world.

So what are you waiting for? Tune in, rock out, and let's get this data problem right, together.

Written, Scored, and Directed for Audio by Jacob Sanders

Narrator: Jason Fox
Hal Habermann, CEO: Brian Shea
Seth Heyward, Admin Assistant: Jacob Sanders
Audrey, Head of Analytics: Lindsay North
Lucas, Data Manager: Ethan Decker
Olivia, Data Manager: Lilli Hokama
Chris, CTO: Vincent Plummer
Heather, Head of Client Relations: Ingrid Shea

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