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The Strategy of Client Engagement

April 23, 2024
June 12, 2024
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The Guest

Kylie Kullack is the Head of Client Engagement at Struck, an agency specializing in destination marketing, outdoor recreation, and biotechnology. Kylie has an extensive track record in marketing with experience in too many sectors to mention; she’s a mentor, a board member of the Utah advertising federation, and she’s here today to talk about client engagement

Defining Client Engagement

The interview starts with Kylie defining Struck's unique approach to client engagement, which involves merging the strategy and client teams under one management to ensure strategists are more involved in day-to-day client relationships. The aim is to make client partners feel like business advisors from the first new business conversation, guiding them through their relationship and helping them achieve their goals. 

“We set expectations from the very beginning with clients,” explains Kylie. “We want to understand their tactical needs, but we really want to understand their business/challenges, get an NDA in place, and really understand what that client’s vision is, and how to get there.” 

Enhancing Client Communication and Relationships

The interview then moves on to discuss the importance of communication and understanding in client relationships. Kylie emphasizes that her agency aims to be an extension of their clients' teams, providing proactive ideas and insights. She then defines effective communication strategies, such as in-depth initial conversations, on-site visits, detailed timelines with key milestones, and an established cadence of status meetings. Kylie then describes the need for an adult approach in managing relationships, recognizing that ups and downs are inevitable in any partnership.

“Client engagement is about developing relationships,” says Kylie. “Which sometimes requires radical candor and honesty. With the in-depth immersion up front, we’re able to establish trust in the long term, so we’re able to authentically communicate throughout the relationship.”

Data Analytics in Campaign Performance Evaluation

The conversation then pivots to the role of data analytics in evaluating campaign performances. Kylie explains that they usually recommend clients conduct a mass market survey to establish a benchmark for growth.

“Getting the benchmarks to measure improvement and effectiveness of campaigns is a critical step,” says Kylie. 

Kylie goes on describing how the strategy team at Struck is skilled at understanding the market and anticipating potential growth opportunities. Before any campaign hits the market, they employ creative testing to ensure the messages resonate and visual elements are effective.

“As we develop creative, we often employ creative testing before anything hits the market,” explains Kylie. “You have to make sure all the small parts and details that add up to the vision, have the best chance of making the whole campaign succeed.” 

Post-launch, they track performance every two weeks, making adjustments as needed. Kylie also stresses the importance of identifying and aligning on just two key metrics to measure success.

“We like to dial just two key metrics to track,” says Kylie. “We do this to avoid ‘data soup’ or analysis paralysis, and get us all on the same page. If you really want to measure it, measure it as simply as possible, you can get granular on the other end.”

To hear about the important role of empathy in client communication, discover what went into a few of Struck’s most successful creative campaigns, and listen to Kylie's advice on strengthening and enhancing client engagement and partnerships, download the full show at the links provided on this page. 

The Links

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